SETBACK (So well put)


A guy walks into… a murder! Hard to get out of it that easy, especially when he is the prime suspect.

Setback (2011) is a crime short film written and directed by Bulent Ozdemir and independently produced by Wolf Valley Films.

The thing i enjoyed most was the chance that’s given to the viewer to solve the mystery him/herself, looking for clues, as the story goes on. There can be multiple speculations until one gets to the last minutes and says “Oh that’s what it’s all about”. You may be right, you may be wrong but in the end it totally makes sense. I find that special in such a short duration film and perhaps that’s what I was waiting for to say that it would make a great start for a full-length movie.

Protagonist Andrew Dowbiggin brings out wonderfully the character’s confused and desperate emotions whilst the rest of the cast supports great the film to its completion.

It’s a smart, mysterious concept that gives Ozdemir another shot to¬† prove his unique suggestions in condensed storytelling and atmospheric cinematography.

Check out: Setback Teaser Trailer | Teaser Trailer 2